Data Point Installation

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Data Point Installation Costs

Lightning Electrical Group offers competitive pricing for our services. No matter how small or large, whether a private home or a business client, we provide exceptional quality of service to make sure you have fast, reliable connection to the internet.


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    Data Point Installation - FAQs

    A data point installation in a house is a wired connection to extend the internet from a router to other devices, without resorting to a wireless connection.

    Wired data point installations in Sydney can offer faster internet speeds than wireless Wi-Fi connections. A data point has ethernet cables to connect devices to the router.

    The strength of a Wi-Fi signal can rapidly drop off the further a device is from the router, especially if there are multiple devices connected to the internet. However, data points can ensure fast and reliable internet connection for some fixed internet devices in a house.

    Data point installation in Sydney is needed to place the data points in the walls and floors of a house. Qualified electricians are licensed to design the system and set the electrical wiring.

    Some electricians are licensed to provide data point installation services. Lightning Electrical Group has the qualifications to fit out your home, business or premises with internet and telecommunications cabling.

    Data point installation may be needed for a new build, renovations or a new fit-out, for an expansion such as new office space for a growing business, and for an upgrade such as installing smart lighting and other smart home systems.

    Lightning Electrical Group electricians are qualified for all data point installation in Sydney. This could range from repairing a broken cable to designing a new cabling system.

    We can even test your existing network capabilities, and analyse your current and future requirements to advise on what network cabling system you need.

    There are many different types of data points in a house. These include single- and multi-port wall outlets, as well as traditional phone wall points.

    The variety of data point installations reflects the variety of ways the connection can be used. Data point installation most commonly connects computers to the internet, but it can also connect printers, TVs and other home theatre systems, gaming consoles, CCTV and other security systems, and smart wiring hubs for smart home systems.

    One-off data point installation costs from $150 to $300 per data point. This runs up overall costs from just over $100 to several hundred dollars in total.

    Many factors affect the cost of data point installation. These include the existing network, such as the state of the wiring and the location of outlet ports. Complicated installation jobs will cost more, for example, if there are more rooms to take into account.

    The type of cable used also matters for the cost of data point installation. CAT3 and CAT5e are cheaper types of cable than the extremely fast fibre optic cables.

    If a more in-depth service is provided, to create a customised network according to the design requirements, the final price tag will also be correspondingly higher. Data point installation costs for a custom design and system installation project can run into thousands of dollars.