Electrical Maintenance

Keep your premises and people safe with electrical maintenance services.

 From repairing the wiring to upgrading the system, electrical maintenance in Sydney will keep your electrical systems working at peak efficiency.

 For the team who are committed to going above and beyond your expectations, reach out to the maintenance electricians at Lightning Electrical Group.

Install and Maintain

Electrical installation and maintenance keep electrical systems running at peak performance with minimal faults. It’s better to fix issues before they happen, not after they’ve already disrupted your home life or business operations.


 Electrical maintenance in Sydney can install internet and phone connection systems, including outlets and cabling. Our maintenance electricians install new lighting systems, such as rolling out energy-efficient LED lighting in a building. We can also install and test safety switches.


 Wiring becomes damaged overtime. An electrical maintenance service will repair them back to peak performance. In the case of faulty lighting or if you’re in need of a system upgrade, we can install a new switchboard.

Keeping the Systems Working

Sophisticated electrical systems need expert electrical installation and maintenance. 


 We design and install energy-efficient lighting systems, wireless lighting control, emergency lighting, downlights and security lighting, smoke alarms, intercom systems, and automation for smart homes.


 Our maintenance electricians service mains upgrades for a variety of clients, whether private residential, a commercial premises or an industrial site.

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    Electrical Maintenance - FAQs

    Electrical maintenance is the broad maintenance of an electrical system to keep them at top working order.

    Also known as electrical preventive maintenance, it involves testing and monitoring all components of an electrical system, and repairing or upgrading elements as need be.

    A electrical panel maintenance checklist covers many aspects of electrical systems, such as digital communication, lighting systems, generators, transformers and surge protection.

    Electrical maintenance keeps equipment and machinery functional, with fewer faults that can result in downtime, so driving higher productivity and revenue.

    The key to protecting your home or business is preventative electrical maintenance in Sydney. By protecting equipment such as cabling, telecomms equipment and machinery from faults in the electrical system helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment.

    It keeps eventual repairs less costly - because the system has been consistently maintained to a high standard. It also makes sure that electrical work takes place at a scheduled time - rather than an emergency that could happen at any time.

    Electrical maintenance is more critical than ever. Whether it's an office or apartment block that needs reliable electrical functioning, or an industrial site that relies on smart automated control, all operations are reliant on collecting data and run on computer software.

    A momentary failure in the electrical system, or the failure of only a part of the system, can still lead to widespread data loss or downtime.

    A regular, rigorous electrical panel maintenance checklist will identify and prevent faults from arising in the first place, as well as putting in contingency plans. Catching potential problems early reduces the chance of unexpected power outages or surges that could damage electrical equipment.

    Electrical maintenance in Sydney is an important part of the upkeep of both residential and commercial premises.

    Residential maintenance electricians install new electrical systems into new build homes, especially for top architecturally designed homes and apartment blocks. These buildings may have sophisticated and custom-designed systems: such as audio-visual systems for home theatres, security systems and access control, and smart home automation.

    Commercial and industrial premises also need electrical installation and maintenance. Shop and office fit-outs may need professionally designed and installed electrical systems.