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Lightning Electrical Group are your emergency electricians in Sydney – at any time of night or day.

Prompt, professional, well-mannered and reliable – what more could you want? When you need us, call the Lightning Electrical Group for our 24-hour electricians in Sydney.

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Your electrical system doesn’t sleep, and neither do our emergency electricians in Sydney.


An electrical outage or short-circuit can happen at any time, and Lightning Electrical Group is always on hand to get it fixed for you. Whether it’s a private home or a commercial site, our Sydney emergency electricians will be on-site within an hour or two.


We repair mains faults, blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers or switches, damaged electrical wiring, overloaded power points, and much more. We also repair hot water faults, fire alarms and switchboards.


Whether it’s a fuse that blew in the middle of the night, or the power does down in the middle of a critical business day, our same-day service electricians will have the issue wrapped up in no time.


Something’s gone wrong? Call our emergency electricians in Sydney now.

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    Emergency Electrician Sydney - FAQs

    A 24-hour electrician in Sydney will take 1 to 2 hours to get to your house, depending on where you live. Sometimes, it takes less than an hour for your Sydney emergency electrician to show up.

    Lighting Group operates all across Sydney, so you can call out our emergency electricians from Bondi to the Blue Mountains. Simply give us a call at 0401 582 616 and we'll be there as soon as we can.

    Hiring an emergency electrician in Sydney costs an average of $100 for the callout fee. If the job takes a while to complete, there will also be an hourly rate that ranges from $90 to $120 per hour.

    A 24-hour electrician in Sydney will cost more for after-hours work.

    There are four types of events that can be considered an electrical emergency: a power outage, an overloaded outlet, a failed circuit breaker, and long-lasting or recurring issues.

    1. Your home has a power outage.

    If your home is the only one with the power down, you may need the services of an emergency electrician in Sydney. A power outage can be an emergency situation because some electrical malfunctions can escalate into a shock hazard.

    A power outage doesn't necessarily mean you need to call a 24-hour electrician in Sydney out to your home. A storm may have knocked out the supply line to bring electricity to your home, or it may even be a scheduled outage as a utility company undergoes maintenance.

    If you experience a power outage, first call your utility company to confirm that the issue is isolated to your home. If your home should be receiving electricity, call a same-day service electrician.

    2. An electrical outlet is overloaded.

    Each outlet can only take so much work before they start to heat up too much and burn. This is easy to spot, as it'll leave a dark mark around the outlet. If you see a burnt outlet, avoid touching or going near it, and call our Sydney emergency electricians to take care of the issue.

    3. A circuit breaker failing to trip.

    Normally, if something is amiss, circuit breakers cause the electrical wiring to trip, automatically shutting off the part of the electrical system at risk.

    However, if the circuit breaker isn't working, this protection is gone. If the system becomes overloaded, or if wires come into contact in a way they shouldn't, there's nothing to protect against the electrical circuit from heating up too much.

    If your electrical breaker box is making any humming or buzzing noises, call our emergency electricians in Sydney immediately - your electrical system may be failing to trip.

    4. Any electrical problem that doesn't resolve itself.

    Just because an electrical appliance is acting up, doesn't mean it's an emergency. However, if the problems last for several hours or keep coming back intermittently, make sure to call an emergency electrician in Sydney - especially if it could be putting you or your electrical system at risk.

    If you can smell damaged wires - the odour will be burnt or acrid - call a 24-hour electrician in Sydney immediately.

    If you experience an electrical outage or failure, first switch off and unplug all electrical appliances. Otherwise, if there is a power surge, there's a chance that the appliances could be damaged.


    To protect your electrical system and appliances, call an emergency electrician in Sydney. They will determine the cause of the electrical outage and make sure that there won't be any damage inflicted.


    Never attempt to DIY the repairs in an electrical outage - or try to hook a generator to the household wiring. These could be dangerous to you, and could lead to people, equipment, electrical systems or the building becoming damaged.

    If you leave the premises, switch off all the lights - in case the power comes back and they turn back on when you're not there. You may want to keep one light one, so it'll be obvious when the power is back on.

    First, take the step to protect your electrical systems and appliances. Call a 24-hour electrician in Sydney. You can call out Lightning Electrical Group emergency electricians, from western Sydney to the northern and southern suburbs.

    Then, call your electric utility company, to let them know that the electricity is out. Electrical outages are usually due to storms that cause trees to fall down across powerlines. You may be able to alert the utility company to the fact that the electricity supply is interrupted, and they may have information for you about how soon it can be fixed.