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Anywhere in Sydney, at any time of night or day – our residential electricians will be there for you.

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Fully licensed and professionally qualified, Lightning Electrical Group has the expertise to take on any project you may want to throw at us. Friendly and prompt, our residential electricians will work efficiently and with minimal disruption to your home life.

 From small touch-up jobs to larger projects, whether it’s preventative maintenance or a diagnosis and repair – reach out to the home electricians at Lightning Electrical Group.

Electricians to Rely On

We have the experience to completely overhaul an older home or design a state-of-the-art electrical system for an architecturally designed new build.

 If it’s an emergency situation, just pick up the phone to us. Our home electricians in Sydney are available around the clock for emergency call-outs.

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    Residential Electrician - FAQs

    In NSW, it's illegal for anyone without an electrician license to do electrical work.

    This means that only a residential electrician who is licensed and qualified can carry out electrical work - other than a few very simple exceptions such as changing a light bulb that's blown.

    No matter the cost or size of the work in question, you will need a home electrician who has the expertise to carry out the work safely, without risk to yourself, your home or your electrical appliances. The same is true for commercial and industrial electrical work.

    For any installation, upgrade, repair or removal of electrical wiring, fixtures and meters, reach out to Lightning Electrical Group. Our residential electricians in Sydney have the certifications to outfit your home safely and efficiently.


    Residential electricians are specialised to complete the kinds of electrical work needed in a private home. However, commercial and industrial electricians service the electrical needs of business owners.

    Residential electricians in Sydney work in private homes, for both new builds under construction and existing homes. The work can vary from laying down the electrical wiring from scratch to maintenance work to keep an electrical system to safety standards.

    Common types of work for a home electrician include installing light fixtures, data points, electrical appliances, and ceiling fans. There's also the re-wiring and updating old electrical systems and safety testing of appliances. A home electrician in Sydney can also be called out to diagnose and repair any electrical faults or power outages.

    Meanwhile, commercial and industrial electricians work for business owners. They work with a huge range of premises, such as hospitality venues, retail stores and shopping malls, schools, hospitals, warehouses and factories.

    What is a residential electrician? Residential electricians, also known as home electricians or domestic electricians, are electricians for privately owned homes.

    A residential electrician in Sydney has the qualifications to set electrical wiring in the floors or walls. This could be during construction or renovation, or simply at any time that the electrical systems need an upgrade.

    Residential electricians understand the different types of wires that can be used, according to the distances they'll run and what appliances will be connected, as well as how to pull these together into an intelligent and coherent design for your home.

    Residential electricians also upgrade the wiring in older homes, which were built before the advent of modern electronic appliances. Old wires that have worn out may need repair or replacement, or an upgrade may be needed so the system can handle the higher wattage requirements without overloading.

    Installing light fixtures, appliances and ceiling fans are also common types of jobs that home electricians in Sydney provide.